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Stag Night Party

Stag Night Party Accessories.

All you need for the stag night - apart from the beer and curry.

Smutty Gifts stock inflatable sheep - the all time 'must-have' stag night accessory.

Rude girlie playing cards, drinking games and plenty of boob shaped gifts will help to make your stag night party one to remember - or forget!

Squeaking Clown Nose

Squeaking Clown Nose. OK, it isn't really smutty although there's a tenuous link as it is a big red..

£1.99 £2.99 Ex Tax: £1.99

Sticky Situations Tissues - Pocket Sized Pack

Sticky Situations Tissues - Pocket Size Now available in a pocket sized pack , there's no longer an..

£1.99 Ex Tax: £1.99

Wind Up Energetic Sperm

Wind Up Energetic Sperm A racing wriggler - buy a couple and hold your own Wanky Races. Fun for a ..

£2.99 Ex Tax: £2.99

Wind Up Fanny

Wind Up Fanny In close contention with the fanny shaped lollipop for gross product of the year this..

£2.75 Ex Tax: £2.75

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